Spokane’s Master Plan to Curb Sewer Overflows

The City of Spokane is in the process of outlining one of the largest projects, thus far, to manage overflows to the Spokane River from combined wastewater and storm water sewers. A $30 million, 2.2-million gallon underground tank will be positioned at Spokane Falls Boulevard, just to the west of City Hall and north of the Downtown Library. The construction of the large concrete tank will be designed to connect to a steep slope near the Spokane River, centrally located downtown. Above the tank, the City plans to build an expansive public plaza. When visiting the plaza you can also expect to enjoy a picturesque view of the river.

The tank is part of the City’s Cleaner River Faster initiative. The City is investing more than $300 million in projects to improve water quality in the Spokane River, including similar projects that are geared toward reducing overflows from combined sewers.  Other tasks relating to storm water management will be introduced to the agenda, such as major improvements at the City’s wastewater treatment plant.  An estimated $125 million will be set aside to incorporate a new level of treatment at the Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility. The upgraded degree of treatment will remove even more pollutants, phosphorus and metals, from the wastewater that is processed at the plant.

Did you know the City’s Water Department is offering customers free indoor leak repair kits this month? This is part of the overall effort to encourage homeowners to conserve water.

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